A COVID-19 Intimate Wedding Story

Jamey and Ryan had planned a traditional wedding for May of 2020. Because they share a love of airplanes, the couple planned to spend the day at the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the wedding was postponed. 

Instead, Jamey and Ryan decided to have an intimate wedding at Jamey’s aunt’s beautiful home in Cambridge, Wisconsin. The location was perfect because Jamey had grown up visiting the home, so it was very comfortable. It was an absolutely magical day, and the couple still brought in airplane decorations so they didn’t have to sacrifice something very important to them. 

The wedding was laid back and relaxed, with just their closest family. It was also very safe for couples to attend during the pandemic. Jamey and Ryan ordered a large Ian’s pizza for every single couple during the reception, and each couple had their own table to minimize the risk. 

After the wedding, Jamey’s dad came up to us and reinforced in our minds the power of small and intimate weddings. Throughout his life, Jamey’s dad thought that huge, traditional weddings were the best thing in the world. After his daughter’s wedding, he was convinced that intimate weddings are better. He considered it so magical because he got to spend the entire day with Jamey and Ryan, with much less stress and much more quality time together. 

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