A Guide to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring for your Proposal

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If you’re getting ready to propose to that special someone, or even if you’re already engaged and your wedding is coming up, ring shopping may be on your to do list. With all the options out there and the desire to find the perfect ring for your partner, it may be overwhelming. However, by breaking the process down into six short steps, it doesn’t seem so bad at all!

Step 1: Set a budget. 

This will help determine your material options, embellishments, gemstones, and engraving.

Step 2: Figure out your partner’s ring size. 

You don’t want the fit to be so tight that it suffocates their finger, but you also don’t want it to fall off unexpectedly. Even if the ring is slightly off, that is okay! Many jeweler’s will offer a free or discounted resizing, or for some bands, allow for a size exchange of the ring within a certain time frame if it cannot be modified due to the material.

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Step 3: Pick a material.

Some popular options include yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, steel, and more. You can even look into combining different metals. Not into metals? You have plenty of options from wood, carbon fiber, bone/antler, silicone, and so many other materials that can be used to create the perfect ring, or set of rings! 

Step 4: Decide if you want a diamond ring or a gemstone ring.

Diamonds are gorgeous and timeless, but there are so many other gemstone options if you want to branch out. Some of the most popular stones include sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and aquamarines. Don’t fear the lab created either! These are usually amazing ways to get really unique colors, and the stones you want at a more affordable price.

Step 5: Choose which kind of cut/shape you want your bling to be in.

For a traditional cut, consider a round cut, a princess cut, a cushion cut, or even an emerald cut. If you’re looking for a more unique cut, look into a pear cut, marquise cut. 

Step 6: Determine if you want to add any embellishments or engravings. 

It is quite popular to add stones and gems to the wedding band or around the statement gem. You can also engrave a word, phrase, finger prints, or even the coordinates of the wedding location on the band! Just want a funky texture instead? Hammered, wood look, braided, and other various unique shapes and patterns are 

If you’re still stressed about picking your partner’s dream ring out for them, just ask! Whether this means asking their best friend for help, bringing up engagement rings casually in conversation, or even taking your partner ring shopping, you’re not in this alone. 

Finally, there are a few other things to consider:

Do you want your ring to match with your partner’s? 

Do you want an engagement ring and a wedding band or just one ring?

Do you do activities with your hands or that will get your ring dirty a lot? 

Will this ring go out of style?

How much maintenance will this ring require?

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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