The second we landed in Denver, we hopped in our rental car and headed to the mountains. The first session of our trip just so happened to be at the end of North America’s highest auto road – at a whopping 14,260 foot elevation.

As we climbed higher and higher in elevation and wove around the mountain on skinny roads with dizzying cliff drop offs. Jerry felt some altitude sickness, but the second we pulled up to Summit Lake and were hit with the most insane winds and jaw dropping views, the sickness immediately passed. We bounded into the session with boundless enthusiasm simply to be at such a magnificent place in the world. 

Prepared with fleece blankets and winter coats, Drea and Ethan tossed their warm layers aside to adventure with us. As soon as Jerry put the camera down, I ran over with their coats and blankets to let them bundle up for warmth as we headed to the next spot to shoot.

The sun provided the warmth for our final portraits of the day – just before it dipped below the mountain peaks.

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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