How to Create an Elopement Budget

While it is a tricky subject, budgeting for an elopement or intimate wedding is so important! Continue reading to learn about what to include in your budget, how intimate weddings and elopements can save you money, and how to save money on your elopement. 

In today’s world, oftentimes people think that elopements are much less expensive than huge, traditional weddings. While in many occasions elopements and intimate weddings are much more affordable, that doesn’t mean they are “cheap.” In fact, by saving costs due to not having to cater to the needs of hundreds of guests, you can actually splurge on your few select guests (or yourselves!) to make it an amazing experience for them. Additionally, there are many cases when travelling to different countries or exotic locations for the wedding can actually make elopements more expensive than traditional weddings; it all just depends on what the wedding couple is looking for in their wedding. 

When you begin planning your elopement or intimate wedding, one of the first steps is to create a categorized budget to guide your wedding planning process. Some of the most important categories to include in your wedding budget include the venue; meals or catering; transportation and travel; attire, accessories, and jewelry; decoration and flowers; wedding favors; hair and makeup; lodging, whether it is a hotel, Airbnb, or something else entirely; a photographer or wedding planner; and an officiant. By breaking down your budget into these categories, it is much easier to plan your day. 

The great news is, there are indeed places in your budget where expenses are reduced by downsizing your invite list from a traditional wedding to a smaller, more intimate experience. First, you will have much lower attire costs for the wedding party, and the catering costs will be much less expensive. Your venue can also be much smaller, which can greatly reduce rental costs, and decoration costs will decrease with a smaller space to fill. Next, invitation costs will be saved. Although sending out invites may not seem too expensive, getting beautiful invites made, printed, and shipped adds up when planning on a budget. Additionally, reception costs are much lower for elopements and intimate weddings, and entertainment costs are much less or not needed at all. Finally, there are much fewer people to worry about getting wedding favors for.

If you’re still looking for ways to save money on your elopement, there are many ways to consolidate your budget. One option is choosing a location that is close to home or even in your own backyard, so you don’t have to fly. If you do want to travel, have your wedding in the same city or country as your honeymoon to save on flights. If you are able, you can do your own hair and makeup for your big day or even have a friend help you with it. You can also craft your own bouquet quite easily instead of paying for someone to do it for you. Finally, don’t be afraid to borrow attire, accessories, and jewelry from close friends and family. In fact, borrowing from those close to you can make your day even more special.

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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