{R + S} Engagement Session - Sheboygan, Wisconsin

When Riley + Stuart were brainstorming purposeful locations for their engagement session, Riley shared how meaningful her grandpa’s house is to them, so we packed our bags and headed to this wonderland!

In the 1980s, Riley’s grandpa hauled lumber from Montana back to Wisconsin to build his magical house in the woods. He built it in only three days with just the help of a couple friends. Amazing!

After marveling at the house, we ventured out into the woods to explore!

While we were exploring, Riley casually mentioned that her grandpa had built her a tree house when she was little. We, of course, immediately stopped what we were doing and insisted upon going there right that second because, come on, how awesome is that?!

We ventured into the cornfield behind the treehouse to catch the last rays of sun before it dipped behind the trees. Riley shared that she used to hide in this cornfield when she was little so her parents couldn’t find her to make her go home. Jerry and I then considered hiding in the cornfield so we could also stay at her grandpa’s forever - haha!

We then headed towards one of the multiple ponds on the property to have them take a sunset paddle.

Meanwhile, Riley’s grandpa was busy making a campfire and preparing a thermos of hot cocoa. He was so excited about Riley + Stuart doing their engagement session at his house that he went above and beyond!

Riley + Stuart,

Your engagement session is what dreams are made of. Capturing your love at such a meaningful location was the most incredible honor. Thank you for so warmly welcoming us to this absolutely magical wonderland in the woods.