Perfect Wedding Attire for an Elopement Ceremony

Much like traditional weddings, one main component of planning an elopement or intimate wedding is figuring out the perfect wedding attire. What you wear on this special day will be captured in photographs that you may display in your home, post on social media, and send to friends and family. You will treasure your photos for a long time as a way to look back on your elopement day together. 

Lace Wedding Dress for Mountain Top Elopement In Colorado
Lace Wedding Dress Flowing in the Mountain Wind.

So what should you wear on your elopement day and during your elopement ceremony? How does it compare to traditional wedding attire? How is it different? These are all questions that may be running through your mind. 

The beauty of choosing an elopement or intimate wedding is that you can spend your day, your way. That includes your wedding attire. If you would like to wear a traditional white wedding dress or suit, that is perfect. However, if you would like to wear something completely different and unique, that is just as great of an option. 

Keep reading if you would like to learn more about finding the perfect wedding dress, selecting a suit alternative, or choosing the right accessories for your big day. 

BHLDN Sinclair Long Sleeve Wedding Dress for Elopement
Nothing like a Wedding Dress Comfortable to Hike (or Run!) in!


If you decide to wear a dress for your elopement ceremony, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options to choose from. To make it a little easier on yourself, when you begin your journey of finding your dream dress, you need to have a vision. Start by browsing different styles online or even order a catalog and take it old school. Figure out what you like and what you’re not too sold on. Are you looking for a princess-like ball gown, an hourglass effect in a mermaid dress, or even a two piece or jumpsuit? Create a mental picture (or even a Pinterest board) of exactly what you want in your perfect wedding dress. 

However, as important as it is to have some idea of what you want to guide your search, don’t forget to have an open mind! Don’t limit yourself to the dress your childhood self always thought you’d have or the dress your mom told you she liked.You might surprise yourself and fall in love with something totally unexpected. 

Father and Son Casual Wedding Attire Bow Tie
Son Straightening His Father’s Bow Tie


The good news about today’s fashion industry is that there are just as many suit options as dress options for your special day! You’ve chosen to break the norm with an elopement or intimate wedding, so why not keep the trend going? A traditional wedding suit looks amazing, but there are so many alternatives out there to explore!

If you’re looking for style: Try branching out into different patterns for your dress shirt and jacket. Some of our favorites include flowers, checked, plaid, gingham, and striped. 

If you’re looking for comfort: Take a peek at some cashmere sweaters. Pair it with a tie and some nice dress pants, and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking to stand out: Add a pop of color! Whether it’s a pink jacket or a jade tie or even some gold kicks, being bold is the way to go. 

Hunter Rain Boots for a Winter Intimate Wedding
Hunter Rain Boots for a Winter Intimate Wedding


Whether it’s one mile a full day excursion, many elopements involve some level of physical activity. While you still want to look your very best, from your head to your toes, the last thing anyone wants is an angry blister popping up halfway through the day. 

Luckily, with the proper planning, this can all but be avoided! 

If you want to wear heels for your elopement ceremony, choose low heels with comfortable straps, so your feet aren’t sliding around. Delicate flats are another amazing option, but make sure the soles aren’t too hard. Look into lightweight options with foam padding and rubber soles for added comfort. You can even bring a pair of sneakers for the hiking portion of the day! 

No matter what shoes you select for your big day, make sure to remember to break them in! Even the most comfortable shoes can pinch your foot and rub against your skin before they’re broken in. 

 Dyed Wooden Bouquet Colorado Mountain Elopement
Bride’s Wooden Bouquet


Over time, flowers have become synonymous with love and romance, but where did this association come from? The answer is… a long time ago. Wedding bouquets are a tradition that reaches all the way back to ancient Rome! Ever since that historic age, flowers have represented new beginnings, festivity, fidelity, fertility, and some even believe they banish bad spirits. 

With so much history, having a perfect wedding bouquet is a beautiful touch to any elopement ceremony. Luckily enough, you don’t have to give up a beautiful bouquet if you decide to have a crazy adventure elopement. Follow these tips to create the best durable bouquet!

The most durable flowers are heat and humidity tolerant. Look for flowers with a long vase life, meaning they stay in full bloom for a long time after they are cut. 

It is important to shop locally to find flowers that are accustomed to the climate you will be in on your special day. Choose flowers that will be in season on your day. 

Some of the sturdiest and long-lasting flowers recommended by florists are sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and lavender. Tropical plants, succulents, and greenery (such as olive branches and rosemary) are also great, durable additions to a bouquet. 

Don’t be afraid to substitute artificial pieces from your local craft store in your bouquet, and use floral tape and hot glue to hold your bouquet together. 

If you’re really getting into crafting your perfect wedding bouquet, search up floriography (the language of flowers)! Each flower has its own special meaning, and you can tell a beautiful story with your bouquet.

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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