During Jess + Erik’s wedding consult, we asked if they would be interested in an in-home lifestyle session for part of their engagement session. They hesitated, telling us that despite their plans for a Wisconsin wedding, they live in Michigan. Without hesitation, we said we’d be there in a heartbeat!

It felt like forever between the time of their consult to the date we finally got to load into the car and head around Lake Michigan and up into Michigan, but we were so incredibly excited for all that we had planned for our weekend with Jess + Erik that it was worth the wait!

We divided their session into four parts and divided it across two days. On Saturday, we met at a funky antique store where Jess + Erik have frequented on their many antiquing trips. We had a blast utilizing the quirky surroundings! As the sun moved lower in the sky, we then headed to the sand dunes, which required a walk along winding paths and then a jump down onto the beach below. Even in the chilly fall weather, Jess + Erik didn’t hesitate to kick off their shoes to adventure! As the sun set below the horizon, they cozied up with their blanket and enjoyed a few quiet moments together before we began the hike back to the vehicles. We waved goodbye, and told them we’d see them bright and early!

When our alarms went off the next morning, it was still pitch black outside. Nevertheless, we excitedly hopped out of bed and ventured into downtown Saugatuck to meet them and capture the first light of the day coming up around them. Utilizing the neon lights from a local hotel, we made use of every second with Jess + Erik until the sun slowly rose in the sky. Having captured everything we could dream of, we then drove to Jess + Erik’s newly purchased home where they warmed up with cups of Fresh pressed coffee, got cozy on the couch, and played with their rescue dog, Roo.

We made our long trek back home with full hearts and are so incredibly excited to share the magical portraits that came from our weekend adventure in Michigan!

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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