When Sam + Tony booked us for their June 2020 Wyoming wedding, we got to work planning where and when to schedule their engagement session. We just so happened to have a trip to Colorado planned during late September, so we shuffled our flights and hopped on Google Earth to find the most magical spot to watch the sun rise over the mountains.

When our 4:00AM alarm went off on September 30th, we hopped out of bed so excited for their session. We sent them a quick Venmo for them to stop and grab a morning coffee on their drive in, packed our bags, and set off into the dark morning.

We were the only car on the road as we left the city and headed into the mountains. We met them at the end of the paved road to ensure we could connect with them while still having service in case either of us got lost once further into the mountains. We then began the bumpy drive along the unpaved roads to get to the perfect sunrise spot we had found on Google Earth.

When we arrived to the parking spot where we would then venture on foot from, everything around us was still clouded in darkness, so we had no idea the magnitude of the mountains surrounding us. We hung out in our cars for a short bit while waiting for the gentle first light to begin to illuminate our surroundings. As soon as we could see further than our headlights could illuminate, we ventured out into the cold morning temperatures and mountain winds.

As we bundled into as many layers as we could find, we scrambled up the path to catch the first light and fully take in the magnitude of our surroundings. We were awestruck.

Shedding their coats, Sam + Tony didn’t hesitate to jump into the session, appearing completely unphased by the cold winds.

We adventured as the sun slowly rose higher, warming us by the minute and fully showcasing the beauty of the quiet waterfall winding down the mountain into the lake nestled in the valley of the steep mountains. 

We left with a view much different than the one we arrived to – and with our hearts a whole lot more full.

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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