Surprise We Eloped: How to Share the News

Surprise We Eloped

Indian Lake County Park Hiking Elopement
Couple that eloped at Indian Lake County Park enjoying the moment.

After you elope, you may be itching to tell the world about your amazing experience and show off your new wife or husband. Whether it’s a surprise for your friends and family or they’ve been encouraging you along the way, this is a time to reach out to people you’ve built connections with throughout your lives.

One great thing about announcing your elopement after it has actually taken place is that you have the actual pictures from your day to use in your announcement! Maybe you want to post a cute photo on social media with a letterboard sharing that “surprise we eloped,” or maybe you want to write out a heartfelt caption detailing the events of the day. Maybe you want to send out physical cards to people’s homes sharing the happy news, and maybe you want to include an official invitation to your reception in the future.

Although elopements can be the most magical type of wedding, there can be occasions when family members or friends don’t understand why you eloped. However you choose to share the big news, don’t let the fear of judgement scare you. Remember that this is exciting!

The most important thing is to be transparent. Let them know that, “No, it was not about us not wanting you there. In fact, we would love it if you would come to our wedding reception in a couple of months to celebrate our union as a married couple.”

Explain to them the real reason you eloped, such as wanting to spend the whole day with your significant other without distractions or wanting to travel and do something adventurous together. 

Ideally, your hesitant family member will see how passionate you are about your nontraditional wedding and how amazing your special day was, and they will be happy to hear the big news. But regardless of their response, remember that your elopement day was about you and your partner, and no one else can taint that. 

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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