The Difference Between a Traditional Wedding and Elopement

While all weddings are about the union of a couple who love each other, there are endless ways that special day can differ. There are six main factors that set elopements apart from traditional weddings.  

1. The stress level is much lower during elopements. 

Are our guests enjoying their time? Does his/her family like me? Who’s that person’s name again? Do I have to say my vows in front of EVERYONE? Are they judging my appearance?

In a perfect world, the wedding couple wouldn’t have to worry about any of these fears and could instead relax and enjoy their special day. The good news is, all of these anxieties dissipate by choosing to elope or have an intimate wedding. Without the added stress of extended friends and families expectations, the couple can spend their day doing what they want with who they want. 

2. Guest satisfaction for intimate weddings is much higher. 

At traditional weddings, guests will often get upset if they don’t get to spend time conversing with the couple of the hour. While there’s no possible way for the wedding couple to spend quality time with each guest out of the hundreds attending, this lack of attention can leave guests feeling unsatisfied about their time. On the other hand, during intimate weddings guests often leave feeling valued and loved by the couple, as they can actually sit down and have genuine conversation.

Food is also a cause of displeasure for many guests at large, traditional weddings. With hundreds of guests, the compounded price is absurd to hire a private chef or top notch catering. Unfortunately, because of this all too often we have heard guests at large weddings making plans to swing by local fast food restaurants to eat after the wedding. By reducing the length of the invite list, each guest can receive a high quality meal that will leave them feeling full and happy. 

3. Couple satisfaction is through the roof with small weddings and elopements. 

A wedding is meant to be a joyous occasion to celebrate the union of two people in love. Problems only arise when a wedding becomes more than that. It shouldn’t be stressful or frenzied to try to squeeze in time to please each and every attendee. What matters most is the couple getting married, and how amazing of a day they deserve to have together. Small weddings allow the day to proceed in a much more relaxed manner, creating a beautiful environment of love and support for the newlyweds. 

4. Wedding planning is much easier for elopements. 

Even before the actual wedding day, the planning process for elopements and intimate weddings is much simpler and less stressful. There are so many less factors to worry about factoring into the day, including fewer vendors to find and book in advance. 

Furthermore, timing for small weddings can be much more leisurely than structuring everything down to five minute intervals and cramming too much into the day.  In fact, even with a detailed agenda, more often than not, large weddings get off schedule because there are so many moving parts, adding to the overall stress of the day. 

5. Traditional wedding drama and gossip disappear during elopements. 

“She must have gained weight before wearing that dress.”

“I’m so surprised he didn’t shave before the wedding. Don’t you think he should have?”

“Why would she even think to wear a strapless dress with her arms like that.”

“Who would choose that color for the bridesmaid dresses?”

The things people say about the wedding couple are just so awful and nitpicky. Guests of large weddings with no real connection to either wedding party just tend to get bored and gossip. The beauty of intimate weddings is that it is just the opposite. By just inviting your closest friends and family that you know will always be there to support your marriage, the day is full of nothing but positivity and love.

6. Elopements actually yield more gorgeous photos to remember the day. 

Contrary to what some may believe, at the end of the day smaller weddings end up with the most beautiful wedding photos. This is partially because all of the photos taken are happy. Too often masses of pictures have to be deleted after large weddings where someone is crying or looks mad or upset over something. Furthermore, in huge crowds, someone always is making a weird face in the background that we have to get rid of. Finally, with less transition times between the million events of the day, elopements and intimate weddings actually receive more photography coverage. 

Less stress, drama, and dissatisfaction AND more photos? Yes please!

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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