Why do we take a different approach to lifestyle sessions?⁠

Note: We classify our engagement sessions as lifestyle sessions too! 🥰⠀
Over our last decade in the photography business, we have come across so many engagement sessions that aren’t anything like the couple. We can’t quite wrap our heads around why an engagement session should portray you and your significant other as something that you aren’t. 🤯 We believe lifestyle sessions should be a reflection of our couples and what you actually do in your lives. We want to look at the photos we take and see YOU, not some staged actors smiling for the camera. ⁠⠀
How long are lifestyle sessions? ⁠⠀
Our lifestyle sessions aren’t just a one-hour, get in get out experience. In fact, we’ve had lifestyle engagement sessions go for four to six hours in the past! We don’t believe in rushing any of our sessions. We treat sessions as EXPERIENCES – and while an amazing experience may tightly fit into one hour, we’re not about hurrying through something meant to be enjoyed and looked back on!

Let’s get started creating a memorable experience that you will look back on for years to come!

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